Top Dog Dude Ranch - Last-Chance Marriage Rescue

They’re about to step into a parent trap of their twins’ making! Nina and Douglas Archer are on the verge of divorce. He’s retreated from her since his brother’s death, and their dairy ranch is on the brink of bankruptcy. But they’re both determined to keep it together for one last family vacation, planned by…

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Alaskan Oil Barons - Wedding At White Sands

Private Investigator Allie St. James needs the case of the century to pay her bills. She doesn’t need a seven year old client who claims someone’s trying to kill his dad. But somehow her soft heart lands her at a corrupt Florida Key’s resort and into a fake marriage with the boy’s hunkish – widowed…

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Top Dog Dude Ranch - The Cowboy’s Christmas Retreat

Ater they’ve opened gifts, maybe he’ll unwrap her heart…  Instead of his winter wonderland wedding, Riley Stewart has been jilted. This rodeo champ needs an understanding shoulder, so Riley invites his best friend, Lucy Snyder, her son and their scruffy pooch on his “honeymoon.” But moonlit doggy walks, romantic fires, the glow of Christmas lights—everything…

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