April Blog Tour – ONE GOOD COWBOY – Over 20 Blog Hops – Prizes! 


April Blog Tour for ONE GOOD COWBOY promises to be full of fun, secrets, surprise reveals, and PRIZES! Check out the links below on the dates noted to join in the fun. 1 April Romantic Reads and Such Excerpt Kathy’s Review Corner Interview 3 April Binding Addiction Excerpt 4 April Vincent Morrone Tens List (10 […]

My Pup Featured on Vet Tech Blog! 


My sweet, goofy puppy Faith is famous! Read all about her journey back to health on Vet Tech Rachel’s blog – “My Kid Has Paws” - where Rachel gives pet tips and discusses various pet owner concerns. It’s an awesome blog and well worth your time to peruse at length.  A big thanks to Rachel for sharing about Faith’s battle with […]

Win “Alpha Brotherhood” Set! 


My entire “Alpha Brotherhood” series is being featured over on Kathy’s Review Corner, along with an interview. She has info on all five books, reviews, and a contest to win the ENTIRE “Alpha Brotherhood” set!!  How cool is that?! FMI, here are the links: Kathy’s Review Corner w/interview & reviews: http://www.kathysreviewcorner.com/ And the link with contest info […]

I am an animal rescuer… (Win $50 donation to charity of your choice!) 


What is your calling? Your passion? Your cause? Your favorite charity? Share the name of your charity of choice below. Once we have fifty different people commenting on the subject, I will donate $50 to one charity mentioned (randomly chosen) … Contest ends Friday, March 7, 2014.

Soft Kitty …. Warm Kitty …. Grumpy Ball of Fur! 


Anybody else love that episode on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon’s sick and he asks for the “Soft Kitty” song? Cracks me up every time I hear it. Even though I often blog about our dogs, we do have a cat as well.  His name is Cooper and he’s an amazingly cool car, but he definitely prefers to […]

Military Family Traditions 


Seems only a blink ago, my firstborn was playing with his daddy’s military gear… wearing his helmet, walking in his flight boots.  Now my daughter has married a military man too.  And her firstborn is climbing into daddy’s rucksack, wearing his dogtags. In a blink, decades have passed. Traditions live on… (Although I do have to […]

Like Mother, Like Daughter 


Call it karma, kismet, or just the fallout from teenage drivers. I had a VW bug as a teen – totaled it. Now my daughter has totaled her VW bug. On the bright side, both of us walked away from our accidents unscathed, the most important thing, of course. Still gotta sigh at least a little though. […]

Buddy – The Dog Who Loved Too Much 


Meet Buddy, my oldest son’s child – uh, dog! Buddy’s an entertaining pup with an amazing capacity for loving.  Deeply.  If lost, Buddy is the kind of dog that would walk hundreds of miles to find my son. Buddy’s the kind of dog who would – and has – eaten through latticework in my parents’ backyard to get to […]

Shelter Me – Video 

Video test

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!! To celebrate the lovers’ holiday, I’m excited to share with you a video showcasing my upcoming novel – SHELTER ME, “A Second Chance Romance” from Berkley Sensation, on sale August 2014.  SHELTER ME has been called reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks’ THE LUCKY ONE with a splash of Marley AND ME.  (I like that!) Someone […]

Always Reading! 


I love that my granddaughter is always reading! Whether she’s in her mommy and daddy’s lap or on her own, she gravitates toward books – this morning she read LOTS of CURIOUS GEROGE. :)  the photo here is her special reading spot! When my four kids were younger, it never seemed like there were enough […]