The Stone Age

posted on February 10, 2018 by Catherine Mann

I have been thinking about folks who lived in the Stone Age …. or even a couple hundred years ago. My water heater died and due to a series of bizarre events it took a week to get a new one installed. In that week in the dead of winter, I was struck with how attached I am to modern conveniences. Like hot water. My washing machine. Etc. I’ve been contemplating how very attached I am to my modern appliance as I drive from relative’s house for a shower. (I’ve even considered truck stop showers!)

Finally, yesterday my new hot water heater was installed. I was so excited and grateful. I waited for the water to heat …. and guess what? It doesn’t work and the plumber won’t be able to come until Monday (maybe Tuesday – ack!). I think the moral of the story here is that …. uhm…. I’m not sure. But I’ll certainly be pondering it as I boil water for a bath!

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