HOTSHOT and PROPOSITIONED on the horizon!

posted on May 4, 2009 by Catherine Mann

I can hardly believe it’s almost time for TWO of my books to land in stores on the same day! HOTSHOT (Berkley Sensation) and PROPOSITIONED INTO A FOREIGN AFFAIR (Silhouette Desire) are both hitting stores on Tuesday, May 2. No matter how many books I have out, I always get a flutter of nerves and excitement right before a new book lands on the shelves. Will I have delivered a story that captivates readers? How will my new “babies” (hero and heroine) be received? And then when I walk into the store, wow, oh wow, that’s actually my name on the cover of that book! I have to say, honestly and without reservation, I love my job. I adore my readers. Sending out a great big thank you for making it possible for me to continue to do this job I so very much enjoy. I appreciate you!

My question for today, how do shop for your books? Are you a bookstore junkie who needs the smell of those racks and racks of pages? Are you a quick shopper who nabs a copy in Walmart or the supermarket? Or are you an online shopper who makes sure the order hits the free shipping mark? (I think I’m all of the above. =8-O )

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