Exotic Locales

posted on April 11, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Many folks say they read romance novels for the escape… the feeling of leaving day-to-day life behind and diving into the thrilling world of the hero and heroine. I know I sure enjoy that aspect of reading – as long as I can still envision myself as being in the heroine’s shoes. In my current book on the shelves – DEFENDER – Chloe is an everyday kinda woman. She conducts an orchestra and likes Star Trek. And then she embarks on an adventure to pay tribute to the dead soldier who donated a kidney to her. She signs on to help out on a USO tour to entertain the troops.

Now I didn’t particularly want to set this book in Iraq or Afghanistan and then I thought about all those US service members we have stationed around the world. A military brat friend of my son’s started talking about living in Turkey…. and wham! It hit me! An awesomely exotic place to set DEFENDER! So welcome to Turkey! (Photo of Istanbul included!)
What exotic locale would you like to visit? Or where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been? I’ll chime in on my own travels when I get back from yet another day at the races! LOL!

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