Chatty Cathy on the Run

posted on April 10, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Chatty Cathy on the run….. Running. That’s pretty much my life right now! My high school son runs varsity track – quite well, if I may indulge in some mommy bragging – as did his older brother and my hubby. (The picture is of my younger son in a local cross country event a few months ago. Note to self, get new photos!) So anyhow. Some of the meets are just three hours long, but the invitationals tend to run all day long. Hubby and I really try to be there to watch all our kids’ events so we spend a lot of time parked on concrete bleachers with other parents. IMHO, it’s actually one of the most fun things about being a parent, and quite frankly with hectic regular living, that tends to be our only social life as we hang out and catch up with the other moms and dads.

Well, yesterday was an all invitational. Because our son runs distance events, his events tend to be spread out from start of day to end of day, but when the events are run can fluctuated based on how smoothly the meet goes. We parents all play cell phone tag making sure we’re there at the right times. (One mom missed her son’s only race because she ate lunch at the wrong time – oy!)

Anyhow, dear son 2 (DS2) ran the 1/2 mile relay at 9:45. Then ran the mile at 3:00. Then ran the two mile at 4:15. (Oh, what I would give for that kind of energy!)

With that much time to kill in between events, my hubby and I went around to area bookstores all day signing in stock copies of DEFENDER and speaking with bookstore managers, dropping off bookmarks, etc. And inevitably when I do this, I’ll run across someone in the romance section buying a book who hears what I’m saying and will want to chat and get a book. I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of writing! I meet the most interesting people this way!

Yesterday, we met an older couple vacationing here for a month from Vegas. (Her name was Tina, btw!) So often booksignings are rush events where I only get sixty seconds to speak with someone. It was really delightful to have ten minutes to stand in the store with Tina and her husband talk about what they’re reading and about their lives. I enjoy having a face to put with the people who are reading my stories!

I guess that’s a part of why I enjoy the online world as well – I get to know more about the folks who are reading my books. Thank you for coming by the blog for some visit time. You made my day!

So? What’s your favorite gathering spot to visit with friends? I enjoy the cafe areas in bookstores or little shack-like diners on the beach where I can sit on a porch that overlooks the water. And, of course, bleachers at a track meet with a diet coke makes for some fun conversational time too. 🙂

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