Winners! (And what are you reading?)

posted on April 13, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Hey there! I just plucked out the three winners’ names and have mailed their prize – signed copy of BET ME, an anthology by Debra Webb, Joanne Rock and yours truly! Winners have been sent an e-mail notification and should have their book by the end of the week. Thanks bunches for entering! I was wowed by the turn out!! Stay tuned…. I’ll be posting another contest very soon…. Meanwhile, there is also a contest posted on my message board on my website:

Speaking of books, what are you reading right now? I’m reading THE LIKENESS by Tana French. It’s only her second book, but her first – IN THE WOODS – totally hooked me. I was really surprised since I usually prefer more romance in a book – and this is a straight up suspense. But THE LIKENESS a really great read so far! I also recently read Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ latest – enjoyed it. I grinned a lot at the Brangelina/Jennifer whole triangle shown from a different angle. If you like historicals, I highly recommend Joanna Bourne’s SPYMASTER’S LADY. Wowsa! What a book! Oh, and I read a historical fiction book – POPE JOAN. I hear they’re making a movie out of it. Can you tell how much I enjoy reading on the beach or by the pool?! Totally relaxing!

And that’s it from me…. what about you? What are you reading?

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