Wedding at White Sands

posted on September 2, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Private Investigator Allie St. James needs the case of the century to pay her bills. She doesn’t need a seven year old client who claims someone’s trying to kill his father. Falling victim to the child’s gap-toothed smile, Allie investigates, landing her at a corrupt Florida Keys resort and into a mock marriage with the boy’s uptight, hunkish father.

Entrepreneur Jake Larson lost his wife in a car accident that left him with injuries ending his career as an agent for the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. When White Sands Resort scams his parents, Jake readily agrees to assist state police in their investigation – a chance to recapture his lost dream of days as an agent. The last thing Jake needs is a hot female private eye disrupting his case, not to mention his very peace of mind!


“Catherine Mann delivers sheer pleasure in WEDDING AT WHITE SANDS, a truly fun read.”
–Debbie Richardson, Romantic Times
4 Stars

“Nail-biting suspense and rollercoaster excitement mixed in make an impossible story to put down.”
5 Stars

“A fine debut novel!”
–New & Previously Owned Books

“WEDDING AT WHITE SANDS is sweet, sexy, and filled with suspense!”
–Romance at its Best

“Delicious sexual tension, warm characterization….it’s all there for readers to enjoy in this one. I highly recommend it!”
–Romance Reviews Today

“Catherine Mann is fantastic… she’s funny, she’s wild and passionate and her characters are first rate. Don’t miss this new author–she’s hotter than a July firecracker!”
–Reader to Reader Reviews

“A marvelous combination of suspense and romance, Wedding At White Sands comes very highly recommended.”
–Midwest Book Reviews

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