The Second Chance

posted on September 14, 2018 by Catherine Mann

She can’t remember the last five years…
Or the man who says he’s her husband.

Chuck Mikkelson knows Shana doesn’t remember him…or that she wanted a divorce. But now she’s back in his home, and he vows to save their union at all costs. This may be the only second chance he has to win back his wife. Will their rekindled passion be enough to convince her to stay when her memory returns?

An Alaskan Oil Baron Novel

Passion and turmoil abound in the lives of the Alaskan Oil Barons!
Two rival families are bound by marriage beneath the icy Northern sky—
and torn apart by the secrets that have fed the fires of their feud for decades!
Nothing is as it seems.

Join the Steeles and the Mikkelsons as they unravel the past and create an empire!

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