“The Joker” in Bet Me

posted on September 2, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Anthology with Debra Webb, Catherine Mann, & Joanne Rock
HQN Special Release
On Sale August 2007

They don’t call Vegas Sin City for nothing. And now that prime tourist season is around the corner, it’s time to kick some criminal butt. Enter three full-throttle Vegas detectives, ready to eat their undercover assignments alive….

Clarissa Rivers can’t believe she’s got to play fake maid to weasel her way into some of the city’s dirtiest criminal activities. But pretend she’s hitched, too? Meanwhile, Kim Wong is all over her undercover sting operation at the Great Wall Casino. Only problem: an old boyfriend’s got intel on Kim’s secret royal past. And Dorian Byrne is posing as a high-class call girl to take down a sex crimes ring. But what’s with her wild-card FBI partner?

High rolling scoundrels better watch their backs this weekend, because one wrong move and all bets are off…

Don’t miss Catherine’s contribution… “The Joker” in Bet Me.


“This sultry trio of stories about female cops working undercover in Vegas has something for everyone — top-notch characterizations, a touch of intrigue and a generous sprinkling of humor.”
–Romantic Times BOOKclub

“BET ME is a fantastic read that will have you ready to hop a plane to Vegas just on the off chance you’ll get to meet one of these uber hot heroes. Three stories by three fabulous authors who manage to tie the plots together beautifully is no gamble. BET ME is a sure thing if you’re looking for an engrossing read.”
–Romance Junkies Reviews

“Catherine Mann writes with a skill that captivates the reader… A wonderful book!”
– JoyfullyReviewed.com

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