Speaking Engagements

Writers’ groups, libraries, book clubs, classroom instructors (secondary and college level), if you’re interested in scheduling a workshop, reach out to Catherine using the “contact” tab on this website.

Sample List of Catherine Mann’s Past Workshops:

*Killer Synopses: Plotting w/Christopher Vogler’s Writer’s Journey

*The Business of Writing: 10 Rules for a Successful Romance Career

*Dialogue Tips: 3 C’s for Compelling Conversation

*Creating Characters Across Genres

*In Search of the Modern Warrior Hero (adapted from The Mask of Command by Joseph Keegan)

*High Octane Heroes

*Maximizing the Writing Contest Dream

*Opening with a Bang: Hooking the Reader

*Time Management: Writing with Kids without Losing Your Marbles


Catherine also frequently speaks with her critique partner Joanne Rock. A sample of their joint workshops include:

*No Dumping Allowed: Creating Opening Pages that Sparkle

*Productive Partnerships: Maximizing The Critique Relationship

*Decoding Series: Finding Your Niche in Category Romance

* Author/Agent Career Building