SHELTER ME Countdown – Dedication & Acknowledgements (& Contest)

posted on August 1, 2014 by Catherine Mann

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me bring Shelter Me to print. For today’s countdown to the August 5 publication of Shelter Me, I’m posting the book’s dedication and acknowledgements, along with another chance to enter the grand prize contest….

To Rob – my hero, my friend, my love. Always.


People have asked me if I write about my own life. I am, after all, married to a military man who served over twenty years in the Air Force. However, this story is not autobiographical, although it was most certainly born in my heart – and in my fears as my imagination flew down a path that every military spouse has traveled at some point thinking: “What if the worst happened?” My husband eventually retired and thank heaven we never had to face that heart rending, ultimate sacrifice made by others who’ve lost a loved one in uniform. This book, born in my heart and fears, is in honor of every one of those fallen service members and their families.

I owe many people bucket loads of gratitude for helping me pour out this story onto the keyboard. There aren’t words enough to thank Wendy McCurdy for her unconditional trust that I could pull this off even when I doubted myself. Bless her, she didn’t even wince when I said I wanted to toss in a semi-feral dog’s point of view. Thank you as well to Katherine Pelz and the entire Berkley team for all their hard work on behalf of my stories. I am also incredibly lucky to have the support of my stellar agent Barbara Collins Rosenberg, a savvy voice of wisdom and direction.

5 August 2014

5 August 2014

And how do I thank the most brilliant critique partner and awesome friend on the planet? Joanne Rock, is the best, hands down. Much appreciation goes to both of my amazing beta readers too. My super talented daughter Haley Frank, an Army wife, made sure I remembered those nuance-ey differences between Air Force lingo and Army lingo (any mistakes are purely my own – ooh-rah/hoo-uh!). And my dear friend and fellow animal rescuer Zo Carlson shared her fantastic eye for proofreading, while also understanding what my crazy-dog-lady side wanted to convey.

Speaking of kindred spirits in the animal rescue world, I am so very grateful to Executive Director Dee Thompson, her staff, and the volunteers at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Their endless capacity for compassion for abandoned and abused animals humbles me. Everyone at PAWS has taught me so much as we travel this rescue journey.

What great book-lover camaraderie I’ve found via the internet. I owe Dr. Linda Hankins, DVM, a deep debt of gratitude for answering all my veterinarian questions, even patiently responding when I Facebook messaged her at midnight. (Again let me stress, any mistakes are totally my own.) And my treasured Facebook crew – Stephanie, Anne, Ann, Vickie, Linda (again), Debra, Judy, Sue, Paula, Kay, Elaine, Jan, Peggy, Pamela, Eileen, Sylvia, Dakota, Debby, Barb, Gail, Marcia – I am so lucky, lucky, lucky to have them cheering me on and helping spread the word about my books. Although I must say, as much as I enjoy visiting on the internet, I look forward to our next gathering in person.

As always, all my love goes out to my family that continues to grow larger by the year– my husband, our four children, our two new in-law children who I love every bit as much as my blood-related kids. And of course more love than I ever even knew existed goes out to my precious, perfect granddaughter. Lastly, thank you to my four-legged, furry family who teaches me about unconditional love every day: Sadie, Sam, Faith, Toby, Cooper, and the one who started it all … Trooper.
Comment below and you’ll be entered to win a bag full of books for my weeklong Shelter Me Countdown Contest! If you answer the trivia question, you’ll be entered twice for the post. Trivia question: Name of my military series that features C-17 aviators. (You’ll get an additional entry if you can name the first book in the series!)

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