Quizzes and Puppies!

posted on April 21, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Yes, I admit it, I enjoy those cute little quizzes on line… you know, the ones like “Find Your Star Wars Name” and “What Kind of Car Are You?” In fact, I may have spent more time today online looking some up when I should have been writing or cleaning. However, I can’t help but be intrigued by something that can figure us out in such a few questions. Talk about quick ideas for character development in a book!! (Not that I plan to write a book about space travel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back to the quizzes… I enjoy the silly ones – but I also enjoy some of the more practical ones, like quizzes that match us up with what kind of pet best fits out lifestyle/family. I adore my pets – all Humane Society rescues. In fact, I also foster puppies for my local Humane Society. (Pupppies can’t be adopted out until they’re 8 weeks old and prior to that they have very little immunity against things like parvo and kennel cough, so they need to be in a home rather than with all the other dogs.) I started off fostering puppies as an adventure for my kids and found I totally love it! There’s something vastly rewarding about nurturing and socializing these precious puppies to give them their best chance at a forever home. I think a lot about the different breeds (as best you can tell what they are, sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And as I think about the breed and their individual personality, I think about what type of home they’ll flourish in most. (Back to those quizes again!)

Anyhow, the photos here are of some of the puppies I’ve fostered over the past few months. I’m pleased to say that so far, every puppy I’ve ever fostered has been adopted. I don’t have any puppies around right now, though. Can you tell how much I’m missing having them around? I’ll keep you posted when the next litter arrives!

Meanwhile, in keeping with the theme of pets and how much I enjoy hokey on-line quizzes, here’s a quiz for finding out what sort of breed we would be in the doggie world! Enjoy! http://www.quizmeme.com/dogbreed/quiz.php

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