posted on April 15, 2009 by Catherine Mann

Okay, let me start off by stating for the record I’m NOT pregnant! (Just in case you were mislead by the “Cravings” title of this blog.) I was recently reading a friend’s blog and it got me thinking about food cravings. (She’s not pregnant either btw!) Anita is from Italy, now an American citizen and air force wife. She has been locked in a desperate search for a good pizza. As I read about her longing for that pizza, I could so empathize. I was born in South Carolina, as was most of my family. After college, my hubby’s air force career has taken us all around the country – California, Michigan, North Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio and now Florida. Certainly, there are things I have enjoyed and memories I cherish from each place we’ve lived. However, the first time we moved up north, I had no idea how much I would miss old fashioned southern pulled pork bar-b-que and sweet tea. You would think I could just cook my own when that craving hit, but somehow it didn’t taste the same. Maybe the water is saltier down south…. or maybe it was just a touch of homesickness and needing the familiar to feel connected to my roots again. Regardless, I am amazed at how the little things in life can warm the soul.

What are some of your favorite foods from where you live? Or foods that evoke memories of your childhood years?

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