Catherine’s Mannly Men

posted on September 28, 2009 by Catherine Mann

 Greetings from Chatty Cathy!  Yeah, that’s been my nickname since I was a kid, because, well, I really enjoy chatting.   Thank goodness for the internet which offers so many opportunities, even when I’m in my writing cave.   I’m pleased to announce  I now have an exciting new message thread over at called “Catherine’s Mannly Men.”    The posting pace won’t be quite as zippy as the online party this weekend, but I will be stopping in to visit at least once a day.  Here’s the scoop!
What makes a hero a hero? Desire author Catherine Mann believes a hero can take many forms, crossing all the lines published by Harlequin/Silhouette. During the first week of every month, please join us as she introduces us to one of her author friends who will share a new tidbit on great heroes. The rest of the month, feel free to hang out, have fun, and join in the party!
I’ve also posted a 5 book giveaway for the opening week of Mannly Men (winners drawn at random on October 4, 2009.)  You don’t need to register at to read the thread and enter the contest.  You only need to register if you want to post.
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What are some of your favorite online sites for blogging, message boards, etc?

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