Soft Kitty …. Warm Kitty …. Grumpy Ball of Fur!


Anybody else love that episode on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon’s sick and he asks for the “Soft Kitty” song?

Cracks me up every time I hear it. Even though I often blog about our dogs, we do have a cat as well.  His name is Cooper and he’s an amazingly cool car, but he definitely prefers to remain low profile. He’s probably ticked that I’m blogging about him today.

My kids did a Christmas photoshoot with our pets as a gift to me one year. Cooper was nowhere to be found. When the photographer came to take photos of me with my pack for promo, this was the LONE snapshot we could get of Cooper before he exploded off my chest and hid God only knows where for the rest of the afternoon. I’m not sure if he thinks a camera would steal his spirit like some vampire kitty or what.

At any rate,  we have our own tune we sing around here and it goes more like, “Soft kitty, warm kitty, grumpy ball of fur.”  But we love him anyway. 🙂

If you’ve never seen the “Soft Kitty” snippet from when Sheldon caught the flu, here’s a Youtube clip:

Was there a special song or treat you liked to have as a kid when you were sick and grumpy?  One lucky commenter will win their choice of LOVE BITES or RESCUING CHRISTMAS. Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, March 7, 2014.

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USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, with her work reprinted in more than twenty countries. She lives on the Florida coast where she and her military flyboy husband have brought up four children. An active volunteer with her local Humane Society, Catherine enjoys writing while foster puppies nap on her feet.

15 thoughts on “Soft Kitty …. Warm Kitty …. Grumpy Ball of Fur!

  • FIrst of all your cat does not look impressed, lol!!! I can’t think of a song or anything, Dad used to lie down beside me and tell me stories about when he was a young boy growing up in Scotland (oh how I wish I’d written those down!!). We love soft kitty in this house. We have 2 cats. One of them a crazy black one with a kinked tail. When I’m sleeping if I have the covers too tight around me and he can’t get it he’ll head butt me very hard until I wake up and let him it!

    • Hi Sue – You’re right – Cooper sure wasn’t impressed. He was like, “You have 5 second to take this photo. 5…. 4…. 3… Zip. I’m outta here. Fooled ya!”

      LOL about your insistent kitty!

  • The Big Bang Theory! LOVE Sheldon! So funny when Penny turned it around on him and he had to sing to her!

  • LOL poor Cooper, he is just a tiny bit of a grump and tolerates only so much and then game on. But if it was not for the quirks of cats they would just be small dogs.

    When we were sick the big thing was to get 7up. We rarely had any type of soda in the house and that was special. No singing by either parent, which is probably a blessing as no one in the family carries a tune.

  • I love this episode…Love the Big Bang Theory.

  • Warm ginger ale was my moms go to for upset tummy’s. I still drink it if my tummy is upset.

  • LOL I sing that song to one of my cats because her name is Kitty. My mom use to make liquid jello when we were sick.

    • Cat, I loooove jello! Funny how it’s not a homemade treat anymore because of the jello packs. But I loved the jello with marshmallows in it … or pineapple tidbits. Yum!! 😉

  • My dad made the best vegetable soup. That’s what I wanted when I was sick!

  • You look great — him, not so much 😉 I got very bad colds and ear infections when I was younger. I would get to lay on the couch in my jammies and robe and warm socks, with a quilt my great aunt made. My mom would make warm milk with honey and butter. Just being with the rest of the family helped, even if I was feeling miserable.

  • Whenever I had a cold as a child, my mom used to make me a Hot Toddy, which was hot water, lemon juice, honey and whiskey. While giving alcohol to a child seems strange to me now, I know there’s alcohol in Nyquil so I guess it’s not that unusual.

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