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My life is delightfully full of four legged companions, whether they’re my pets or pups I’m fostering for my local Humane Society. My books also tend to be as populated with animals as my house is, thus the inspiration for my new website! My goal for this year is to blog more frequently, so do check back. I’m spring cleaning and will be giving away books often – starting now!  I’m giving away a copy of LOVE BITES (anthology by Lori Foster, Brenda Jackson, Catherine Mann, Virna DePaul and Jules Bennett) to one lucky commenter. Winner will be chosen on Sunday night, Feb. 9, 2014.  In keeping with “PAWsome” theme, who’s your favorite TV or movie animal?


About Author: cathymann
USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, with her work reprinted in more than twenty countries. She lives on the Florida coast where she and her military flyboy husband have brought up four children. An active volunteer with her local Humane Society, Catherine enjoys writing while foster puppies nap on her feet.

29 thoughts on “PAWsome New Website Design! Bk Giveaway!

  • My favorite Tv or Movie animal is an even tie because they are both based on real animals that existed that did some amazing things. (True or not some still debate but it supports my belief that animals can do some amazing things.)
    The first is Balto. was a Alaskan Malamute sled dog who led his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease.
    The Second is Hidalgo. A mustang that journeyed with rider Frank Hopkins in the long distance Middle Eastern “Ocean of Fire” race in 1891 against Bedouin riding pure-blooded Arabian horses.
    Fictional animal favorite would have to be Chewie from Star Wars.

    • Wow, Krissy! Those are awesome picks for favorite animals – what amazing stories. It’s incredible the difference animals can make in our lives. (And I adore Chewy too! Don’t tell me he isn’t real. LOL!)

  • For me it is Marma Duke and also Hamlet both are Great Danes from movies and I loved them both to bits, I think it has to be because in real life I have Great Danes and they are such amazing lovable dogs!

    • Desere, I did not know you have Great Danes!! Such majestic, lovable dogs! I once transported two Great Danes to a rescue …. The back of my van was VERY full with those two guys! 🙂

  • Wellll, Lassie of course. Of course now you know my age group, LOL…Thank for the chance, I would love to win.

  • Benji!!! Loved that cutie pie!

  • Homeward Bound is my favorite animal movie!

  • The new website is beautiful, Cahty! I can’t wait for the new books.

  • Great webpage.. I like the picture of your and your babies… One of my fav books to read about dogs was Marley and Me.. I laughed and cried through it and when I went to see the movie.. I sobbed out loud in the movie.

    • Hi Kathleen! Funny you should mention Marley & Me … Shelter Me has been described as being like Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One with a splash of Marley and Me. 🙂 Thanks for checking out the new website! I appreciate it!

  • One of my favorites is Hachi – it’s based on a true story about an Akita in Japan.

  • I love this picture of all those dogs. I want one. I lost my dog overnight in June and my heart has been empty. I want one who will be good at keeping raccoons, coyotes, etc. out of my yard and also get along with my outside cats.
    So waiting til Spring and hoping I can rescue one.
    I have three inside cats which two of I saved their lives when their mama’s abandoned them. Fat Cat – Bathsheba weighs too much – she would not eat when little. I had to raise her and three others at that time from her litter. I got rest outside but her – she refused. We would blend pasta with cat food to get her to eat. She’s my sweety. Then I have Sugar – who’s Mother left her and moved all the rest of litter. They are both 7 years old. Precious we got when kids were giving away cats and we had lost all others we had. She was only cat for years and is past her life span – about 13 years old – how she made this far is a wonder.
    God bless your work. Love your new website.

    • Oh my goodness, Jane, how sad to have an animal pass away at all, but for it to happen so unexpectedly must have been especially tough. It’s clear all your pets are loved and cherished! The white American Bulldog in my website photo is one of the foster puppies I had to hand feed so she would eat … of over 100 fosters, she’s the one I couldn’t let go. Anyhow, she’s like your Bathsheba – she eats so much now like she’s making up for the time when she was little and sick. Annnyhow, thank you for sharing about your pets!! Pls do give them all a hug from me. 🙂

  • My all time favorite animals on TV and the movies would have to be Lassie and my friend Flicka

  • What an armful of unconditional loving. Dogs are so wonderful, even when abused , they lick and forgive. I have Pit rescue that was being used at a puppy maker. The owner tired of her, threw her over a fence at a dog rescue, slicing her neck open. Luckily the owner took her to the vet to stitch and spay her. She became the owners dog Sunday onsite. It turned when we boarded our Golfball, part pit & lab and Sweetheart border collie and lab. Golfball and Sunday played. We had to put Sweetheart to sleep. We mourned, and Golfball got depressed; we were going on a trip to Alaska, so we boarded and the rescue, I picked out 5 dogs off their website, to find which one got along with Golfball- the owner said wait and brought out Sunday, we were honored to get the owner’s dog. So the two are great playmates and lovers and couch potatoes at time. It is wonderful having them and I would add a few more, but the husband says no.

    • Suzanne, what a beautiful story!!! I love hearing rescue stories that work out so perfectly! And what precious names they have…. My daughter has a dog named Friday. 🙂

  • Hi Catherine! One of my favorite animals is from another author I love, Janet E. A recurring dog in her books is Bob. He is Hilariously funny.
    I love your new web site. Thank you for letting me share.

    • Hi Lori! What a great example – and such a cute (unexpected) name for a dog – Bob! Reminds me of the True Blood good looking vampire named Bill. Unexpected is so fun! Thanks for stopping by ….

  • Congratulations, Linda Scarchuk! You’re the winner of a copy of LOVE BITES! Please e-mail your snail mail info to me at …. Thanks for checking out my new website!

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