I am an animal rescuer… (Win $50 donation to charity of your choice!)


What is your calling? Your passion? Your cause? Your favorite charity? Share the name of your charity of choice below. Once we have fifty different people commenting on the subject, I will donate $50 to one charity mentioned (randomly chosen) … Contest ends Friday, March 7, 2014.

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USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, with her work reprinted in more than twenty countries. She lives on the Florida coast where she and her military flyboy husband have brought up four children. An active volunteer with her local Humane Society, Catherine enjoys writing while foster puppies nap on her feet.

12 thoughts on “I am an animal rescuer… (Win $50 donation to charity of your choice!)

  • My calling and passion also involves animas. I tend to the ones that have no one to care when they are hurt and sick. I donate my time and knowledge to get them better and then help find forever homes for them.

  • I am an animal rescuer. I believe that respect for the value of life applies to all life. How we treat animals is a precursor to how we treat human beings. I support the Humane Society of North Texas Equine Division. They recently took in 25 neglected and abused horses. They could sure use a donation for the care of those animals.

  • I am not sure I am doing this correctly .. But. I am a stay at home disabled mom and love animals. After following Cathy on FB for some time and seeing the wonderful work she does as a foster mom, I decided I could do that! I had already been a foster/adoptive mom for kids.. Why not! So I approached a local rescue, Angels of Fur. They are my chosen non-profit to donate to as well. I am actually waiting to hear about two puppies needing to be bottle fed. Right now!!

  • I’m passionate about Kiva, an organization that allows me to empower women around the world as they pursue their business dreams. Through Kiva, I can loan my own money to a real individual. The concept centers on “micro-loans,” amounts of money that seem small to us in the USA, but can literally change a life for an ambitious woman in a third world country. It’s just a loan–the person pays me back once their business is thriving–but Kiva is the non-profit that makes it possible by sending people into these tiny towns in struggling countries to find out what business needs exist. I’ve helped a woman in Pakistan buy artificial flowers for her crafting business and a woman in the Philippines buy fertilizer for her farm. Those are just two examples of how Kiva has matched women who have a business plan with a person like me, who is willing to loan them a simple $25 for a few months. Without Kiva, how else could I reach out from my American suburbia to help a woman in Africa? I truly believe women need the ability to earn their own income, especially in countries where so much is stacked against them from a cultural and political standpoint.

  • Country K-9 Animal Rescue in Lebanon TN I work with them whenever my busy schedule permits and they can always use a donation. They do transports to the north eastern part of the US to help keep animals out of our local shelters and they pull animals that are unlikely to be adopted from our shelters due to age, lack of training, and illness/deformities. I love the ladies who help keeps this place going and I know even small donations help them sleep better at night. We have to speak for animals because they can not speak for themselves. I love how a lot of the authors whose books I read care so much for animals, spread the word, and give back. You are a wonderful person to be so passionate about such a worthy cause, Catherine Mann.

  • I support the Will County, Illinois no kill animal shelter. They have created a cat room that extends unto the porch area where the cats can enjoy looking out and feel the breeze through the screened in windows. The staff are friendly and you can tell are committed to the health and emotional welfare of all the animals.

  • Country K-9 is such an awesome rescue group! I feel that they truely have a love for the dogs that they rescue! They are commited 1000%, 24/7! They can always use a donation! I know the people that work there give their time & love to the rescued animals! I myself rescued 6 puppies from a drain pipe several years back, that is why I have the greatest respect for Animal rescue! Country K-9 is one of the best!

  • My passion is helping families with children who are ill or have been abused. God bless all of our children!

  • I am an ardent support of the American Heart Association in honor of my late father.

  • I love Collie Rescue of the Carolinas! We adopted our beloved collie, Brigadoon, from CRC in 2004 and I can’t imagine what we would have done without him. This is a wonderful group, led by the tireless Jean Smith, and they look after some very special dogs.

  • Thank you to everyone who responded! The random generator has chosen Vickie Taylor’s post nominating the Humane Society of North Texas Equine Division. They will be receiving a $50 donation. I was so moved by all these posts, I had a second name drawn at random to receive $25 and Caro Carson’s post nominating Kiva was picked. I’ll be sending them a $25 donation. Thank you again to all who commented!! I hope this blog inspires others to support charities that touch their heart.

  • Catherine, thanks so much for your generosity! Best wishes to the winners and to their rescue organizations, and especially to the animals they’re helping.

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