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With the ebook market now making my entire backlist available, more people than ever have been asking for information on not just which books are in a series, but also where they may be crossover characters from different series. So I’ve comprised an simple code list, as you’ll see below. My website dude and I are working on a fancier version for the “books” page on my website, but for now, this gets the job done!
CATHERINE MANN Book List – In order, with series key
First symbol after a book indicates primary series the characters come from. If there’s a second symbol after a book, that means the book is part of a series, but also has crossover characters from another series. No symbol after the title means the book is not a part of one of my ongoing series. FMI on each book, check out the books page on my website:

Series Symbols:
# Wingmen Warriors
@ Special Ops
% Dark Ops
+ Beachcombers
$ Landis Brothers
& Rich, Rugged & Royal
= Elite Force
~ Alpha Brotherhood

Wedding at White Sands
Grayson’s Surrender #
Taking Cover #
Under Siege #
Cinderella Mission
Private Maneuvers #
Strategic Engagement #
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime #
Joint Forces #
A Soldier’s Christmas #
Explosive Alliance #
Code of Honor @ #
The Captive’s Return #
Awaken to Danger #
Baby, I’m Yours + #
Blaze of Glory @
Touched By Love/More Than Words 3
Fully Engaged #
Under the Millionaire’s Influence +
On Target @
Bet Me
Holiday Heroes # $
The Executive’s Surprise Baby
Out of Uniform #
Rich Man’s Fake Fiancée $ +
His Expectant Ex $
Defender %
Hotshot %
Propositioned Into a Foreign Affair
Millionaire In Command $
Bossman’s Baby Scandal
Renegade %
Touched by Love reissue/Stories of Hope
Tycoon Takes a Wife $ &
Winning It All
Cover Me =
The Maverick Prince & $
His Thirty Day Fiancée & $
His Heir, Her Honor & $
Acquired: CEO’s Small Town Bride
Billionaire’s Jet Set Babies #
Hot Zone =
Protector %
Under Fire =
Honorable Intentions # $
Guardian %
Dog Tags/Love Bites
An Inconvenient Affair ~
Rescuing Christmas #
All or Nothing ~
Dog Tags/Love Bites reissue (Coming Feb. 26, 2013)
The Executive’s Surprise Baby (reissue – coming Feb 26, 2013)
Free Fall = (March 2013)
Playing for Keeps ~ (April 2013)
Yuletide Baby Surprise ~ (Coming October 2013)
For the Sake of Their Son ~ (Coming January 2014)

About Author: cathymann
USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, with her work reprinted in more than twenty countries. She lives on the Florida coast where she and her military flyboy husband have brought up four children. An active volunteer with her local Humane Society, Catherine enjoys writing while foster puppies nap on her feet.

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  • Hi,
    I am a big fan of your books. That’s obvious or I wouldn’t be writing to you. But I also want to tell you how much I admire all you do for the animals in need of a temporary home while waiting for their own special family to find them. I enjoy all the pictures you have posted. My hubby and I have rescued a number of dogs over the years. We have 3 Golden Retrievers sharing our home and our love right now, one of them a rescue. We lost 2 of our rescues in the past 8 months after long illnesses. Thanks for all you do.
    I am also in the middle of working on a charity auction for an author friend of mine and have been contacting authors who write military romance because Scott is former British SAS and has self-pubbed as therapy after a major military injury. I know that you probably get many requests so feel free to not respond. We have received some nice donations already from authors such as Marliss Melton, Kallypso Masters and to my surprise Vince Flynn. Here’s the background that I have been including:
    An auction to benefit Author A.B. (Scott) McKinley is be planned to start on March 30, 2013. Scott is a former British SAS soldier who moved to his American grandparents’ home in the Midwest after three years of intense therapy following a military plane crash that resulted in a broken back with paralysis from the waist down. Recovered sufficiently to walk again, Scott then accepted a security contract in Baghdad where he barely survived a car bombing. After a year of recovery the next blow was a diagnosis of brain cancer. The treatments and chemotherapy have thus far been successful but at a huge financial cost since Scott had no medical insurance. This auction aims to help defray those costs with the added benefit of a percentage of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project at Scott’s insistence. Please consider helping this brave veteran get back on his feet again with a donation of a signed book or item of your choice.
    If interested, donations are being send to me to send out to the highest bidder and you will be sent the link to the auction.
    Margie Hager
    103 Chubbic Rd.
    Canonsburg, PA 15317

    Thanks for your consideration and please keep your great stories coming.

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